Monday, February 8, 2010

Fabric Flowers

Cute, yes? I stumbled upon this tutorial from Sew Blessed a while ago and have made a few of these flowers to put on tote bags that I have been making and selling as scripture totes at our local LDS bookstore. I mostly used her method here, with a couple of changes.

I started with some 5 x 5 inch squares of fabric that I bought at the quilt shop. How nice to only have to cut them into quarters!

Doing that actually gave me 2 1/2" sqaures instead of 2 3/4" squares, like what is used in that tutorial. I figure that 1/4" wouldn't matter that much, and it didn't!
Then I folded them and strung them along, and because I was using 2 different fabrics, I made six petals so that I could alternate them.
Now here is where I improved upon the back. The ones I had made before had the button sewn onto the front, but the back was a mess of unfinished threads. So to fix this, I just cut a circle out of felt and hot glued it on. Then it is really easy to add any kind of clip. I used an alligator with teeth, but you could use a french clip or a pin or whatever you wanted, really.
Oh, and since I was covering the back, I didn't bother sewing the fabric covered button the front; I just hot glued it. Easy peasy.

Now I can't wait to go back to the store and buy some of the same fabric off the bolt to make matching skirts for my three girls!

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